City Erotica’ Photography Exhibition By Donald Lung

My passion for photography gives me a sense of living.

Photographs present a documentary of the living past, and to me each grain in monochrome film draws up the perfect description of the past. Each person, thing, and object is hidden from view in the city, yet I am fascinated by their intertwined relationship. “City Erotica” showcases photos that are taken in 2012 around Hong Kong: there are random snapshot in the street, as well as predefined shooting scenes.

The theme itself is an exploration to sexuality. It is taken from things that are taken for granted such as scenery and pedestrian. Through the desire reflected in sexuality, a series of interactions occurs within the surrounding in an extent of hidden situations In this era where time for reflection is scared, and in the days of endless ejaculations, those offensive and controversial themes of sexuality, becomes ordinary, yet inexplicable.For endless repression and extended desire, one can probably capture a portion of it and in it’s fullest through cameras.

FENDI FW13 Men’s Collection

The big chill. The great outdoors. Glaciers, wind, sublime adventures and a need for protection. The new Fendi collection caters to heroic human needs for life in extreme conditions. The urge to shield the body from the chilly aggression of the elements brings texture, both visual and tactile, to the forefront. Surfaces are intricate and dense: needle-felting, coatings, double printing, fabric mixing create mutations fit to survive in the hardest conditions. Oiled leather is fused with wool on oversized outerwear; patchworked astrakhan draws imaginary skins on a fisherman cape; two-tone jacquard wool swarms with geometric patterns on martially neat suits; rhythmic prints are superimposed on shirts.

Coarseness replaces flatness, creating another layer of distance between the body and the external world: knits are heavy, with a frosted feel; needle-felted shearling looks like it was scratched or it is mixed with knit. A workwear feel recurs, together with utilitarian details like neck padding, detachable quilted linings, raised collars. The protective volume of the outerwear is balanced by the neat slimness of the tailoring. Multiplication makes the formula effective. The color palette is organic, blending earth, stone, icy, rocky notes into chromatic mixes that reflect the mutating and outdoorsy spirit of the collection. Accessories such as satchel rucksacks, leather or fur and leather boots, small waist bags with a fur flap that can be used as a hand-warmer add the final touch to the arctic survival plan.

Equipped with everything that he needs, the wanderer over a sea of fog is now ready to march. Electronic composer Matthew Herbert will give him a pace during the presentation, creating music out of the marching sounds. Multiplication, again, makes the formula effective.

Beaux Magazine – V1 VANITY Issue

Following up on the success of his previous project, the Asian Male, Hong Kong based photographer Norm Yip has announced the release of beaux. With the theme VANITY, the first issue of beaux features over 60 photographs of models from Hong Kong, Malaysia, Japan, the USA, the Philippines, and Vietnam.Already available for collection by connoisseurs of Asian beauty, beaux magazine aims to bridge a gap between the increasing awareness of the Asian male as the new standard of beauty and the dearth of material paying homage to this subject.

“I wanted to create something that was in alignment with what I was already working on, namely the Asian Male series,” said Yip. He firmly believes that the thirst for photography of Asian men has become stronger in the past few years; beaux aims to offer all that and more.The first issue of beaux frontlines three editorials that start with clothed subjects progressively undressing to full nudity towards the end of the shoot. “It’s sexy, tasteful and sensual – a visual delight!” commented Yip, underlining the theme of the first issue of beaux.In addition to the editorials, beaux also features some of Yip’s fine art photography of Asian men, including images that were taken as far back as 2007 but have never before been published. Yip added, “I have been saving some of these images for my third book, but eventually felt that they had to be shared in this issue of beaux. I hope this gives the reader a taste for what is to come”.

Taken from the French, beaux can be taken to mean either boys or beauty. Yip explained that he has always felt that the French conveyed all things beautiful and sophisticated. beaux, foremost, celebrates the appreciation of beauty as well as arts and culture.In the section ‘Spirit’, beaux showcases a selection of Yip’s acrylic and mixed media paintings. “This is all a part of my interest in the arts. It all comes from the same source; be it in my photography or my painting or graphite work,” said Yip. The ‘Spirit’ section will continue to feature selected artist’s work in upcoming issues.

The World Of Fashion Design And Its Importance

Today, the life of the people is very different from which it was a century back. Due to lots of technology advancement, people have been getting attracted towards various technology tools, which they use to add luxury to life. It has improved the standard of life and plays a great role in industrial revolution as well. With modernization, men have been changing their lifestyle. The previously used leaves as clothing have been rapidly changed with modern clothes. This is the age of fashion and people have been actively involved in this.

For the years, fashion has been the interesting subject to talk upon. A person has been getting aware with time and has been changing their way of living. The way of clothing is changing with time. Today, most of the people are engaged in fashion design activities. Most of the people have started it is an organized way and started a fashion designing company. All these companies are giving great opportunities to the people interested in fashion designs. Most of the people have left the traditional way of clothing and have approached new designs. Such companies conduct several events to promote their designer clothes. They conduct ramps and do various types of promotions. Such types of events give optimum opportunities to the boys and girls.

Most of the companies want to promote their fashion events and create websites for this purpose. A website contains all the information related to a particular company. While the website is the main source of information for the public, it is important that all the ingredients to be included on a website must be well. Due to this purpose, the fashion design companies include appealing logo designs that can cause long lasting impression on the minds of the viewers. There are several companies that have gone famous due to their unique, interesting, logo designs. Many companies have been reputed with their amazing fashion designs and making good business.


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